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Kannur Houseboat

Kannur Houseboat


Kannur is one of the lesser explored backwaters of Kerala, a fact that may soon change with the arrival of Kannur International Airport. It is right next to the Northernmost district of Kerala and close to the Arabian sea. While Kannur is blessed with the serenity of deserted beaches and historical monuments and traditional arts, Kavvayi Islands of Kannur is caught between the Western Ghats in the east and the Laccadive Sea in the west, which adds to its beauty.

The tranquil backwaters of Kavvayi are one of the cleanest and peaceful in Kerala. The Kavvayi river originates from the Cheemeni Hills of Kasargod district and flows for mere 31 km before plunging into the Arabian sea. Boating in Kannur’s Kavvayi backwaters will give you a chance to see river’s natural course before ending in the sea in person.

kannur kavvayi backwaters houseboat

The backwaters have a bunch of small islands with a small population. The catch of boating in Kannur is not only pristine blue waters and the endless lush green of palm trees. Golden beaches and authentic seafood delicacies are as much as part of Kannur tourism as Theyyam and historical monuments.

Kavvayi Islands is an important part in Kannur tourism itinerary. Boating in Kannur cannot be complete without a visit to Kavvayi backwaters and islands. Folks of Kavvayi islands have a laidback rural lifestyle. Most people are involved in fishing, and fresh seafood that is rich in minerals is every day’s story in this village.

Even though Kerala is known for its historical monuments and art forms that go back to ancient civilisation and the world famous Ayurveda – an alternative system of medicine, the first image that pops into mind is the endless sight of backwaters and houseboats made of wood. Kettuvallam aka houseboat are one of the fragments of history that have prevailed over centuries. They were part of the ancient trade system and transportation. Today, they are used to enjoy a beautiful day of boating in Kannur’s Kavvayi backwaters.

Kavvayi islands and backwaters are the placid atmospheres and untainted streets packed into a single holiday destination, which contributes to its popularity. The houseboat packages of Kannur Houseboats are designed to make the holidays, no matter how short, a luxurious, peaceful, and relaxing time. A ride in Kannur houseboats is all about the charm of undisturbed rural life and pristine nature.

We ensure that only the best craftsmen in Kerala work on building our houseboats. They are five star rated rides designed by following the traditional rules of craft and ensures healthy flow or air and light. This makes your boat stay in Kannur Houseboats refreshing and energising in all seasons and weather.

Kannur Houseboat

Our luxury cruise packages at Kannur Houseboat stay are designed to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the backwaters regardless of their time limits. Guests can choose from a bunch of packages ranging from day cruise and lunch cruise to sunset cruise and overnight cruise. The whole crew is trained to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests. Our primary concern is the convenience and privacy of everyone who visits us.

Our professionally trained chef is an old hand in Kerala cuisine, and his kitchen crew is equally passionate about finding the freshest local ingredients and serving authentic flavours of Malabar to the guests. Our houseboat packages include a hot teapot and crunchy snacks as well. Local farmers and vendors are an important part of Kannur houseboat experience which helps us to ensure the quality of every single meal served.

How to reach?


Kavvayi Backwaters is easily accessible through Payyannur Railway Station which is only 2.6 km away. One can get to the railway station within six minutes. The closest airports are Kannur International Airport (61 km away and it takes 1 hr 45 min to reach) and Mangalore International Airport (116 km away and it takes 3 hr 10 min to reach).

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