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Overnight Cruise

  • Time : 05:30 pm - 08:30 am
  • Included :Welcome Drink, Evening Tea & Snacks, Dinner, Breakfast
  • Occupancy : 2 Persons
  • Extra Person : Rs 2000 /person

Rs 14,000


There is nothing better than an amazing ride through the backwaters, with your eyes being blessed by the nature’s marvelous evening beauty and accompanied by the romantic moonlight later on. As perfect as a beautiful picture or a melancholy song of birds. Dissolve your mind in calmness of Mother Nature, Sail on our super luxury houseboats through the backwaters, not just into her mesmerizing beauty but also deep into your soul, where you find peace. Half past five starts the overnight cruise of Bekal ripples. Till the sun is back next morning, we assure you some fascinating memories to cherish for a lifetime. Enjoy every bit of nightlife on our cruise with our team who is ready to please you with their stunning service.

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Bekal Ripples