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Kottapuram Houseboat

Kottapuram Houseboat


Kottapuram backwaters is a capsule remedy to escape from the hustle of the city. It has all the ingredients that make up for a run-away-from-the-city holiday. A lush green backdrop of palm trees, a river with clear blue water and a sky with crimson hue clouds while the sun sets are some of the guaranteed views here. Kottapuram backwaters are one of those sites that are easy to imagine but hard to spot.

Kottapuram is a small fishing village in Kasargod located close to the estuary of Payaswini river and Arabian sea. The village hasn’t strayed far from the traditional way of life, and houseboat rides in Kottapuram do not let you forget that. Kerala style houseboats are a reminder of the bygone era when the trade of homegrown items was thriving.

Kerala is known for its rich heritage, cultural diversity and traditions. Kettuvallams aka houseboats are part of Kerala’s heritage and goes hand in hand with the history of the state. Houseboats hold a significant role in the ancient days of the state being the mode of transport and trade for centuries. Today, they are used to enjoy a beautiful day in Kottapuram backwaters.

Kottapuram HouseboatKottapuram is one of the most famous backwater destinations in Kerala for its quiet ambience and clean environment. The luxury cruise houseboat packages are designed to ensure that our customers have a relaxing time, no matter how short the holiday is. A ride in Kottapuram houseboats is all about enjoying the beauty and calmness of the nature and charm of the village life.

Kottapuram houseboats are five star rated rides built by the best craftsmen in Kerala. The houseboat is designed to ensure the trenbolone 100 healthy flow of air and light. Following the traditional rules of craft has made sure that Kottapuram boat stay is a refreshing one for all guests in all seasons.

Our luxury houseboat stay in Kottapuram has several packages designed for the convenience of the guest, ranging from day cruise and lunch cruise to sunset cruise and overnight cruise. Our entire crew is focused on ensuring the comfort and safety of our guests. The privacy of the guest is highly respected and taken care of. Boat stays in Kottapuram are have prompt services designed for the comfort of the guests.

Our professionally trained chef and crew will serve the local cuisine including dessert with all its authenticity on your plate. A hot teapot and crunchy snacks are also part of the Kottapuram houseboat services. All the dishes are freshly prepared, and the ingredients are locally sourced from the local vendors. This ensures the quality and authenticity of the meals served.

Kottapuram BoathouseApart from houseboats, Kottapuram village has a lot to offer to its visitors. The village comes with an opportunity to familiarise with local fishermen and their simple lifestyle. It is a typical rural Indian village that goes on in its own rhythm. It doesn’t have the aura of a tourist hub.

The name ‘Kottapuram’ translates to ‘the place around the fort’. Kerala has several places in the tadalafil cost same name as there were several forts in Kerala built over the time. The village is close to several historically significant places like Bekal Fort and Chandragiri Fort which were part of power struggles among various rulers including Tipu Sultan and British colonists.

Kottapuram village has a footbridge as well which gives one of the best views of nature you will ever behold. The river comes with silhouettes of coconut trees on both shores as far as you can see. A walk on the footbridge in Kottapuram village is yet another moment you will cherish.

How to reach?


Kottapuram is easily accessible from NH 66. The National Highway connects to Mangalore in the North and Calicut in the South. The nearest railway station is in Nileshwar, Kasargod on the Mangalore-Palakkad line. The closest airports are at Mangalore and Calicut. The Mangalore International Airport is two and a half hours away, and the Calicut International Airport is five and a half hours away from Kottapuram.

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