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Nileshwar Houseboat

Nileshwar Houseboat


Nileshwar is a picture-postcard town in the northern end of Kerala. This quaint little town is merely 100 km away from Mangalore. However, even after being in close proximity to the beaches of Mangalore and coffee plantations of Coorg, Nileshwar is a typical cozy South Indian town with a few surprises of its own. This simple countryside’s beauty lies in the Nileshwar backwaters.

If you are an offbeat traveler looking for unexplored villages that haven’t lost its originality to custom makeover for the stereotypes of the tourism industry, Nileshwar is just the right place for you. Nileshwar is still a town that evokes nostalgia with a look-alike fictional railway station from stories of the 19th century.
Nileshwar Houseboat

Nileshwar backwaters are a treat to the eyes with its pristine blue water. The credit goes to the hills and forest that the river come across before it gets to Nileshwaram. Our houseboat services are in town to help the nature lovers to enjoy the Nileshwar backwaters at its best.

Kerala is known for its rich heritage, unique culture, and traditions. Kettuvallams aka houseboats are part of Kerala’s heritage and go hand in hand with the history of the state. Being the mode of transport and trade for centuries, houseboats holds a significant role in the bygone days of the state. Today, they happen to be the perfect mode to enjoy a beautiful day in Nileshwar backwaters.

Nileshwar tourism domain is comparatively new, yet professional to the tee. It hasn’t flourished as much as the backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom. And that’s what makes Nileshwar backwaters unique and beautiful. Nileshwaram houseboats are designed to replicate the old age Kettuvallam and bring back the authentic experience. They are all about indulging in the serene atmosphere of backwaters and relaxing.

The tour of Nileshwar backwaters circles around the River Tejaswini and landscapes of Valiyaparamba which showcase the life of rural Kerala. The silent golden beaches, townsfolk that goes on by their own business, and fresh seafood are only some of the perks of a day spent in the Nileshwar houseboats.
Nileshwar Luxury Houseboat

A first-hand experience of the rural life of northern Kerala is another fun part of the houseboat ride in Nileshwar. The villagers are mostly depended on fishing industry and mussel farming.
Localites are a bunch of warm and friendly people. You will get to familiarise with the local handloom and coir industries as well.

The estuary opening to the ocean and coconut palm-fringed island makes for the perfect Instagram pictures. Exploring the dense Edayilakkadu forest and its biodiversity is an added bonus. One of the popular destinations among the travelers is the monkey island where kids and adults can have fun alike.

The five-star luxury houseboat services in Nileshwar has several packages ranging from day cruise and lunch cruise to sunset cruise and overnight cruise. Every single one of them is carefully designed according to the convenience of our guests. We pay special attention to the safety and comfort of the guests along with their privacy.

Our kitchen crew is passionate about traditional gastronomy that makes use of fresh seasonal produce and local recipes. Nileshwar houseboat tourism is not complete with their hot teapot and crispy coconutty snacks. We work with local vendors and farmers to ensure that our tables always have high-quality delicious meals.

The Nileshwar houseboat package designed for the evening is all about enjoying the sunset and the beauty of the evening ocean. The forest and the beach are experiences one would never forget with the presence of several resident and migratory birds. The time spent in the Nileshwar backwaters is always refreshing for to its touch with nature.

How To Reach?


Nileshwar is easily accessible through Nileshwar Railway Station which is part of Shornur – Mangalore Section of Southern Railways. It is connected to all major points in South India as well as New Delhi. The closest airports are Mangalore International Airport (95 km away and it takes 2 h 30 min to reach), Kannur International Airport (77 km away and it takes 2 h 10 min to reach) and Calicut International Airport (170 km away and it takes 5 h 10 min to reach).

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